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How To Redeem

Buy The Bridal Set On Amazon

Click the green button above to go directly to the product listing. Please note that this rebate applies ONLY TO ROSE GOLD BRIDAL SET. It does not apply to other colors or other bridal products we offer.

Forward Your Email Receipt

Forward your receipt from Amazon to for verification and approval. In the email, please let us know your preferred rebate method – Paypal, digital Amazon gift card or physical mailed check.

Receive Your Rebate

After we receive and approve your receipt, we will issue a full rebate in the form you requested within 5 business days.


This Rebate Is Good For Today Only!

Q: What happens if I don’t make my purchase today?

A: Your rebate is only good for today, tomorrow it will have expired. So it’s best to click the button on this page now and order it before either the rebate expires or the remaining inventory we have set aside for this promotion gets rounded up.

Q: How many items is the rebate good for?

A: The rebate on this product is only good for a quantity of 1. If you need more than one, feel free to buy them but the rebate will only be for one purchase.

Q: Will you send me similar offers like this one in the future?

A: Absolutely. Whenever we launch a new product on Amazon, those who are on our VIP list will get first dibs at generously discounted prices.

Q: Do you require me to leave a review for the rebate?

A: No we do not. We of course encourage you to share your thoughts on our product with others but you are definitely not required to leave a review.

Rebates Are First Come, First Serve. There’s Only 8 Left.


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